Kent Can

  • Brand: Kent Can
  • Sector: Charity
  • Client: Kent Can
  • Role:
  • User Experience
  • Information Architecture
  • Project Management
  • Visual Design
  • Front End Development

Kent CAN is a place for people and organisations working and volunteering in the Kent & Medway Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise sectors.

The stakeholders Kent CAN required a new website. It was old, dated, unfriendly to the user, lacked security and they also wanted many newer features.

My role was to work closely with the Business Directors, create the whole UX/UI experience, visually design the website, Front-End Development, the branding and hiring a developer for the back end.

As project manager I hired a back end developer to take of the technical requirements so I could concentrate on the User Experience and Visual Design.

This involved a three hour information gathering session on a whiteboard to determine the needs of the business and the user, who the users would be, the scope, structure and skeleton of the website enabling me to put together a strategy which would influence the wireframe I would create for testing before I began to design the mock ups and finally hand over to the developer.

Samples from the UX process for Kent Can

kent-can-spec-1kent-can-sitemapsketch-of-site kent-wireframe kencan-mock-ups