Extra Windows

  • Brand: Extra Windows
  • Sector: Double GLazing
  • Client: Koresupport
  • Role:
  • User Experience
  • Information Architecture

Extra Windows required a fully integrated web and app portal system that would enable everybody within the chain of providing double glazing windows to their customers the ability to complete their tasks for their specific roles within the company. Their goal was to make the process as slick as possible removing any need for paper and keep everything in sync via the latest technology.

My role was to perform a series of UX procedures so I could create a wireframe for the client to use and understand the process of their web and portal system; learning about the business and goals, who was involved in the process, the environment they all worked in, what devices they would be using, some competitive analysis and rough sketching.

Samples from the UX process for Extra Windows

extra-windows-sitemap extra-dash extra-ipad extra-iphoneextra-windows-swatch