Domestic and General

  • Brand: Domestic & General
  • Sector: Finance & Insurance
  • Client: SBE Globalservice
  • Role:
  • User Experience
  • Information Architecture

Domestic and General required three websites; one for the Consumer, one for the Call Centre Staff and one for the Customer Service Staff in stores to manage the after sales warranty service. Our main challenge was to create a smooth simple process for the user to easily register an account, manage it, make a claim and determine whether it was ‘accidental damage’, ‘theft’, ‘fluid’ or a ‘breakdown’, then track that claim, trade in their phone and finally receive the outcome. The sites would be for the Spanish and German markets.

Working as part of a small team and closely with the Head of Strategy and account holders at SBE. I was responsible for the whole UX Process; from the collating of information, sketching out the rough ideas for the Websites, creating Site Maps, designing mock ups for the pitch, Wireframing and Front-End Development.

Samples from the UX process for Domestic and General

dandg-paper-sketchdg-sitemap dandg-wireframedandg-make-a-claim