Kai Motta

Senior UX/UI Consultant

Travelodge Hotels

For 16 months I worked at the Travelodge Head office as a Senior UX/UI consultant. In that period working with mainly the Head of Product and the Digital Director I worked on:

  • Numerous conversion rate optimisation tests resulting in lower bounce rates and increased time on the site
  • Worked with Google platinum partners on a map solution for the hotel details page
  • Lab tested design and developed work after a series of UX methods and assumptions
  • Designed the Travelodge Plus Logo and Travelodge Superroom part of the website
  • Rewrote the brand guidelines
  • Performed competitive analysis, researched the customer base and created wireframes for constant user journey testing
  • Designed full numerous journey work flows for presentation to the stakeholders
  • Redesigned the homepage resulting in a quicker journey to the payment page
  • Performed constant UX evaluations of the website with presentation of the problems to Head of Product and Stakeholders
  • Mentored junior staff on UX, UI and web tools
  • Constantly advised and brought ideas to the table
  • Re-wireframed and designed the whole business admin area
  • Advised and created work for different departments within the business: eCRM, Brand, SEO, Development and Marketing

Below are insights into the some of the work that I covered in my 16th month period at Travelodge.

Testing, testing, testing!

An ongoing part of my role at Travelodge was to test the end to end user journey, put together different scenarios and then run routine A/B tests and gain insight to our assumptions. Working mainly with the Head of Product, we would isolate an issue, discuss the problem, sketch out ideas, formulate a plan and then run CRO tests.


No test was the same and always approached according to it’s needs. Sometimes this would simply be the change of a colour, new phrasing, moving elements around or a completely different design. If we chose to rethink the journey completely I always advised we work with wireframes before the design and development stages, so as to test our thoughts with either a lab, fellow colleagues or the stakeholders.


Axure mobile clickable prototypes


Marvel clickable prototypes

Snowdrop map solutions

Working with the Head of Product and Google platinum partners Snowdrop, we wanted to create a solution for the hotel details page of the Travelodge website which would enable users to perform geomodified searches when staying in their chosen hotel and keep them on the site rather than exiting to Google maps. Users would be able to search for local bars, cinemas, restaurants etc and view the travel time across different forms of transport.


Through a series of different approaches: researching data of the customers, advice from Snowdrop and lab testing we were able to produce a whole series of new designs that after a period A/B testing and re-iteration now produce excellent results.

Snowdrop desktop prototype phase



Snowdrop mobile prototype phase



Snowdrop map in live state


Travelodge homepage

I wanted to improve the experience of the homepage of the website. I wanted to bring the design up to date and move the search form into the top. I also wanted to add a section where Travelodge could personlise the experience and recommend hotels particularly if you were a regular customer, a business customer that booked a certain hotel constantly for work. I wanted to enrich the experience for the user giving them an insight into the rooms they had to offer, destinations they could visit and also the ability to sign up for news and special offers.


We ran A/B tests and the page reduced bounce rates, skipped a step in the end to end journey, therefore enabling the user to book quicker and more efficiently.

Travelodge business admin centre

Travelodge caters for the business customer with a range of benefits exclusive to those
who sign up. Taking existing wireframes and adding a few UX changes of my own I produced all the design work for the development team for a new business admin centre across different break points to ensure the product would work responsively.

Style Guide & Pattern Library

To improve the relationships and understanding between the different departments, most notably Brand, Digital and Development I put together a new set of style guidelines and pattern library to ensure a uniformity across the Travelodge brand. It would be a document that would grow as we defined components, font styles and colours.

Travelodge Superrooms

Travelodge, in the period of my consultancy, introduced SuperRooms, an option for those wanting to pay for extra comfort. Using mock ups from an external company I was asked to make the design web compatible across different devices, so I have to ensure it worked on desktop, tablet and mobile. I also introduced a new font to promote the idea of a luxury stay.



Facebook ADS

Routinely I would would work with the SEO and marketing team, producing animated banners, editing videos and producing adverts for social networks. Below is a sample of facebook ads I mocked up for the team.

ECRM email designs

Another part of my role as Senior UI/UX consultant was to work with the ECRM team designing emails for different marketing campaigns, taking into account the message, call to action and that the design needed to keep brand uniformity for customer confidence.